Cal_settling is a Matlab routine (that means Matlab must be installed in order to use cal_settling) that processes the data of a settling column for grain-size analysis. It converts the scale output of the settling column into a grain-size distribution, computes the usual grain-size statistics and produces also a graphic output.

Full help how to use it is included in the comments at the beginning of the routine.


To download the routine, right-click on the following link and select "Save target as..."
cal_settling.m (version 1.17, 22 kB)

Detailed description
Examples of usage
cal_settling('FS6b.col',20,[],1.85) simple use with temperature 20°C, settling height 1.85 m
cal_settling('FS6b.col',20,2800,1.85) with grain density 2800 kg m-3
cal_settling('FS6b.col',20,[],1.85,'nofig') without drawing a figure (useful inside loops)
cal_settling('FS6b.col',20,[],1.85,'copy') numerical results copied into the system clipboard
cal_settling('FS6b.col',20,[],1.85,1/4) with results at 1/4 Phi resolution
cal_settling('FS6b.col',20,[],1.85,'i08') ignore the first 8 seconds
cal_settling({'FS6a.col','FS6b.col'},20,[],1.85) average two analyses with the same temperature
cal_settling({'FS6a.col','FS6b.col'},[20,21],[],1.85) average two analyses with different temperatures
distribution = cal_settling(...) return grain-size distribution in two columns (finer limit of grain-size classes and sediment-mass proportion
[distribution,classes] = cal_settling(...) return distribution (1 column with sediment-mass proportion) and separated variables with limits of grain-size classes)
[distribution,classes,stat] = cal_settling(...) return also the grain-size statistics
Ws=cal_settling([],20) return the settling velocities in m/s

Produced figure

Produced figure  


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